Our Forum

forumTo support its mission, Superior Farming Organization offers the largest agriculture education forum dedicated to the production of florist crops, fruits and vegetables with more than 100,000 images, charts, pictures and videos.

This board, with over four years under construction and more than 7,000 topics, was designed to provide its users with a reliable source of agriculture related information. The number of topics are expanding every day, and are continuously revised in order to adapt to new research, new funding opportunities, new products and new developments and practices in agriculture.

In collaboration with an international team of researchers and growers we are developing this educational source available in 5 languages

Through the Superior Farming Organization forum we hope that you will always get the best advice and all the needed tools to fund,and develop your agriculture business. Whether you are an experienced grower or a novice, an agriculture student or a researcher, you will find SFO forum to be an important support and educational tool.